About Us

Waterside Architects Ltd was formed in 2008 with the merging of Chilton Waters and Stutchbury and Ichthus Architects Ltd.

Waterside Architects believe that successful architecture is a synthesis of many parts which make up the ‘whole’ and that ‘whole’ should always be greater than the sum of the  parts. Waterside  Architects  recognise  that  every  project  is  unique, having its own specific parameters, and therefore its own unique solution. We believe that the most successful solutions come from a meaningful dialogue with the Client, and the practice is committed to serving the Client’s requirements in terms of  design,  budget  and  method of  procurement,  offering  a  range of  full professional services  in  accordance  with  the  RIBA  Plan  of  Work  2013 - see section:  SERVICES. The practice has an interest in new-build as well as conservation - indeed a glance at our portfolio will reveal a ‘broad church’ of design work. 

"Architects must respond to the old forms and materials and perceive their true intent in their own age, and then remembering everything, start again."

Sir Leslie Martin


"The most resistant element is not wood, is not stone, is not glass. The most resistant element in building is art. Let’s make something very beautiful…"

Gio Ponti

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